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Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to as SEO is a marketing tool which allows you to increase your complete online presence and ranking on Search Engines. By Search Engines, we mean Google (which is the most popular, holding over 70% of market share) followed by Bing; Baidu; Yahoo; and many more.

You might think you don’t need SEO marketing, but the internet is incredibly big, and your website is competing against many more millions. Think about it this way, how many times have you searched for an item on Google or any other search engine, and gone beyond the first or even second page? Probably never and the majority don’t either.

Keywords are necessary for SEO marketing and consumers use keywords when searching rather than names of organizations. For example, let's look at some scenarios:




A group of friends in Singapore are meeting up and decide they want to eat Italian food. Most people will probably not search for a restaurant name, but rather they will be using keywords in the search engine. 

Supposing they are looking for Vegan options as well, typical Keywords you would search to find a suitable restaurant would be:

· Italian Eateries 
· Italian Restaurant in Singapore
· Vegan Italian Restaurants
· Italian Vegan food in Singapore


A couple are looking for honeymoon packages in Dubai. 

 Typical keywords they would search for are:

· Honeymoon Packages Dubai
· Holidays in Dubai
· Couple Holidays in Dubai
· Romantic Honeymoon in Dubai 


A person wants to buy Graphic T-shirts online. They love cats and want a Cat T-Shirt. 

Keywords they would search are:
· Graphic T-Shirts Cat
· Cat Graphic T-Shirts
· Funny Cat T-Shirts
· T-shirts with Cats on them

Car Rental

A group of 4 people are planning their holiday to Spain and need a rental car at an affordable price, they will search:

· Affordable Car Rentals
· 4 seater Car Rental 
· Car Rentals in Spain
· Cheap Car Rentals Spain


Now that you know how important Keywords are to boost your online presence, you will realize that SEO is crucial in the improvement of your ranking based on what your firm is offering.

Did you know that the first page on Google is said to capture 92% of web traffic?  

Now search a keyword associated to your business online and see where your rankings are. Is it ranking No.1 or No. 2 on the first page? Probably not, and this is where Inncelerator comes into play. The websites that show up at the top of the organic listings are SEO optimized and therefore have more visibility. The higher your rankings are on search engines, the more traffic your webpage will generate thus more business and sales.

SEO is essential in today's digital world because it will manipulate your company’s website prominence. You may think, "okay, I just need to add keywords, not a big deal- that's easy!", but it is not as simple as it seems. Like previously mentioned, a billion other companies are competing for higher ranks and to sufficiently implement SEO with search engines coming up with correct content (aimed at the relevant market), marketers must understand the relationship between the different keywords and its accompanying search intent. This simply means, in order to successfully implement SEO and position your content well, you need to understand consumer behavior and tailor your keywords to real human needs. 

Another important factor that you need to understand is SEO practices (White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat and Negative SEO) and why using any keywords is not sufficient because if you don't pay attention to your Keywords and use the wrong ones (Black Hat), clickbait (Grey Hat) or stuff keywords then you risk your website being negatively affected by your efforts or worse banned from search engines. 

Although keywords hold great importance in SEO, it is important to know that SEO is not just about ranking higher on websites using keywords and website links. Other factors such as local search; mobile search; voice search; articles; blogs; technical SEO and many more are included in having a complete presence which will help your company increase leads and eventually revenue.  

To help you understand better, here is some SEO jargon:

Crawling: the process used by web crawlers (bots, spiders) to visit a new or updated page on your website and process the content. Crawling allows the bots to read the codes and understand what the website is about. This is then used to create entries on Search Engines.

Indexing: the process of search engines storing data in a database from webpages. Data here is added by the crawler (if a page is not visible on the index of search engines, your website will not be available in the search engines organic results)

Backlinking: a hyperlink linking one page to another

How does SEO work?

Every webpage on your site has an HTML document on the backend. Search Engine store details from the document mark-up and these details (keywords) are retrieved by a web crawler (also referred to as a web spider or robot). These crawlers are operated by Search Engines and used to record your website's content on the internet within a database (indexed) so it can be searched. When someone makes a search on a search engine, it will sort your website based on the content on your website and rank it according to how relevant it is to the keywords being searched for by the user. 

Types of SEO

There are two different types of SEOs: 

  1. On-page SEO (Phase 1 on our package)
  2. Off-page SEO (Phase 2 on our package)


1. On-Page SEO (Phase 1)

On-page SEO refers to optimization within the website page and its content. Complete research is conducted on your website and the technical fixes are implemented so Google crawlers can read and locate your website favorably & thus find it eligible to get promoted

On-page SEO allows search engines to determine the relevance of the website content in correlation to what a user searches on the search engine. Keywords are added to URLs, meta-descriptions, headings, paragraphs and titles. 

2. Off-Page SEO (Phase 2)

Off-page SEO consists of "backlinking", which is done by a lot of off-page marketing activities such as business listings, promotions etc. This gets you in good eyes of Google and in turn, your website gets promoted on the first page!

How do I know SEO is profiting my business?

There is no doubt that to grow an online business, SEO management is vital however, you no longer need to spend thousands for it. It is very easy to track your returns from SEO! All you have to do is track your organic website traffic which can be done by creating a google analytics account. 

Whether you are a one man business, new start up with a limited marketing budget or an SME looking to grow your reach and business, Inncelarator has a plan for you. Simply login to and sign up for an SEO package and our team will strategize for your website and send you monthly reports on your past and current rankings as well as traffic so you dont have to worry about it.

It's that simple! 

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