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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Inncelarator work?

Who are we?

What kind of written content does Inncelerator create?

What is a content brief and how do I write one?

I don’t have brief and a topic; can you research and provide me with content fit for my industry/business and background?

What are reputable sources and what isn't?

How do I choose the number of words I need for my website?

How come I don't get a choice to choose the number of words for email content, blog content and article writings?

I want more content written for my blog post/article/email writing that the amount assigned in the package.

What is the difference between the two levels of writers? Does it mean the quality will differ?

Does the content come with references/sourcing?

Do you provide images with content?

What is the difference between blog posts and article writing?

What do you do for quality control?

Where are your writers based and can I get content in other languages?

Where can I see samples of content written by Inncelarator?

I am not happy with the content given to me, what can I do?

What are the clients responsibilities?

Do I need to sign a contract?