How covid-19 has played a part in how we work

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Covid-19: the way we work may have changed forever

We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again, remote work is the way of the future. But what exactly does that look like?  

With many jobs flipped completely upside down and much more completely eliminated, it’s undeniable that Covid-19 has sped up the process in our adoption of technology and remote working.

It’s also been the final push for many entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses (or at least a “side-gig”) now that their roles have completely changed. 

Over these past 9 months, we’ve seen some trends emerge as the job market has changed so drastically.

In this article, we’ll explore those trends and how they may impact the future of work.

1. Increase in remote work

Of course, with a viral pandemic, we have seen many companies abandon their office spaces, and even more, have begun prioritizing a “remote first” business model for their employees (whether they like it or not).

Companies like Shopify and Facebook have taken the plunge and will not be reopening many of their office spaces in the future.

And while these companies were already quite tech-savvy, the novel Coronavirus has led to many less-savvy employees to learn to use different apps/programs, retail stores going into eCommerce, and former commuters enjoying their extra 2-3 hours in their days

 work from home

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We’ve seen so many businesses adapt quite rapidly to the changing landscape of the world and unfortunately, many that did not adapt are no longer around. Individuals have also needed to adapt. Whether because they have been laid off or because they’ve had extra time on their hands at home, we’ve seen an increase in creativity in general.

2. More entrepreneurs

People with more time on their hands or lost jobs generally leads to more entrepreneurs, and Covid-19 was no exception.

This virus has created room for innovation with many people trying to solve problems and make it on their own.

A huge contributor to the spike in entrepreneurial spirit has been the fact that so many people have realized their homes are not the ideal space for their lives when they are not able to leave. So many city-dwellers have taken this opportunity to flee to the countryside or smaller more sprawled cities across North America, simply to improve their quality of life.

When it came down to brass tax, many entrepreneurs took that final leap because they wanted to create a better home life for themselves and/or their families. Thankfully, there are services for small businesses like website development, SEO, and social media that are here to help along their journey. 

3. Higher value on mental health  

In addition to folks becoming more entrepreneurial in general, there has been a higher priority placed on the mental health of employees and remote workers across the world.

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Since the lines between home and work have become extremely blurred, establishing clear boundaries and things like work cutoff times, screen breaks, and family nights have been true saving graces.

While many employees are loving remote life and hope to never return to an office, there are almost as many who are longing for the social interaction provided by the office proverbial watercooler and must find a way to incorporate some form of socializing into their current routines.

Since the world has changed so drastically this year, we want to know how you and your business has been affected.

Have you started your own company?

Are you working on a side-project to supplement or replace your income?

Working remotely and hoping to someday return to an office? Or are you using time off to learn new skills to improve your chances of finding a job?

Covid-19 has truly turned this world upside down and we hate to break it to you but, it’s not slowing down any time soon. We must adapt our businesses through practices like digital marketing, web development, and SEO in order to remain competitive as entrepreneurs.

If you don’t do it, your competitor will! So get a head start and be ready for change before it’s absolutely necessary.

To get started with Inncelerator, send us a message today or log on to and take a look at our competitive packages for startups. 

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